Native American Medicine Company


About Us

Native American Medicine Company was originally founded almost 30 years ago as one of the subsidiaries of Bradly Williams Designs. This design company, which has been dormant for over two decades, was first incorporated in Arizona by WB Freeman for the development of native American jewelry which was then wholesaled to companies like Saks Southwest and others. The primary silver and goldsmiths working on the bench for Native American Medicine Company have worked for WB for over 30 years.

Approximately two years ago, members of the group, along with our fetish trader on the Zuni Reservation in New Mexico and our Arizona mineral supplier, decided it was time to focus our energies into a more specialized direction. We all threw our ideas together, and the Native American Medicine Company was reborn.

About Native American Medicine Company

Over the centuries, throughout time, the various Native American tribal families of North America have created their own unique carry-all’s for their precious possessions. In an attempt to revitalize these special pouches, pokes, and places in a contemporary fashion, without losing the essence of their original natural spirit, the Native American Medicine Company has worked with its craftsmen and purveyors across the United States to reimagine these unique designs and to satisfy the interest of our expanding customer base.

Our first release of products includes boxes and jars reflecting the spirit of the Zuni Indians of New Mexico.

Native American Medicine Company provides amazing, one-of-a-kind, expertly crafted containers that visually showcase the fusion of the earth’s own beautiful creations with the ancient traditions and wisdom of its indigenous peoples. These containers, while being exquisitely attractive to behold on their own, are also meant to infuse their contents with the metaphysical energies of each gemstone material used, while also enhancing each piece with the symbolic qualities of each unique animal species, as represented by the Native Americans in their ancient animal fetish carving tradition.

Our boxes, cans, and jars are constructed using beautiful, high quality Sterling silver that serves to amplify the energies of the accompanying stones while also enhancing the connection between the physical and astral planes.

Native American Medicine Company provides functional creations of art that make great gifts that cannot be found anywhere else on earth.

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