Native American Medicine Co.

Zuni Fetish Boxes

Each of these unique Zuni Fetish, Stone, and Sterling boxes is hand-crafted in an original design that is never duplicated. Construction of the box begins with selection and slabbing of native stone chosen to match or contrast with the Zuni Fetish that will crown its Sterling Silver lid. The box is built specifically to serve as a sacred spot to hold those small things so precious to you. Placing objects within the box can often infuse them with the ancient energies that flow in this magic space. Since each Fetish Box is unique, exterior measurements definitely vary, but the average length is between 4” & 5,” the average width is between 3 1/2” & 4,” and the average height is approximately 3”. Each Fetish Box is delivered with a Certification of Ownership that describes the physical and spiritual properties of the stone and the fetish, as well as identification and biography of the carver.

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