Native American Medicine Co.


In a departure from our focus on the influence of Zuni Native American crafts, our Sterling Silver TreasureCans are developed with the Navajo and Hopi Native American designs  spirit at heart. The Sterling Silver bases are topped with Sterling Silver caps. These TreasureCans are uniquely and originally handcrafted from 92.5% Sterling Silver and inlaid with the same semi-precious stones used in the crafting of the Zuni Fetish Stone Boxes. Some of the inlay in the TreasureCans can be found crowning the caps only, while others are inlayed in channels which run either vertically or horizontally. The TreasureCans come in either oval or triangular shapes, and hammered or smooth finishes, all of which are 3.5” tall by .06” to 1.625” wide.

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