Zuni Mountain Lion Fetish


This one of a kind silver and stone medicine box has been constructed of Coquina Jasper and 26 gauge Sterling silver. The lid is crowned by a genuine Zuni mountain lion fetish hand carved by Kenric Laiwakete.

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This one of a kind silver and stone medicine box has been constructed of Coquina Jasper and 26 gauge Sterling silver. The lid is crowned by a genuine Zuni mountain lion fetish hand carved by Kenric Laiwakete (see below).

This unique medicine box has been constructed of Coquina Jasper and Sterling silver. Coquina is a beautiful semiprecious gemstone material from India. It is also known as Elephant jasper, Elephant skin jasper, Cobra stone, Calligraphy stone, or script stone. Coquina is the Spanish word for cockleshells or shellfish.

Coquina jasper is a consolidated sedimentary rock mainly composed of the mineral calcite, but includes bits of seashells or coral. Coquina jasper forms near the shore where wave action is vigorous, and tiny shells and coral pieces land. It has a hardness of 6.5 to 7.0 on the Mohs scale and is usually a mixture of brown, orange, and red, with yellowish streaks. Once cut and polished, Coquina reveals a color pattern that is amazing to behold.

The metaphysical qualities of the stone jasper remind us of our call to the service of others. Jasper absorbs negative energy and acts as a stone of protection. It helps one remain grounded and centered, stabilizes the aura, and sustains us through times of stress. Jasper helps bring tranquility and wholeness.

The Sterling silver fusing the box also strengthens the connection between the astral and physical planes, while enhancing the energies of the stone it surrounds.

Place your herbs, keepsakes, or medicine in the Native American Medicine box to infuse them with these powerful, timeless energies. Experience the power of Native American Medicine and own an amazingly unique fusion of art and ancient power.

The medicine box has been topped by a genuine Zuni mountain lion fetish, carved from Gold Jet. Jet is a black or very dark brown type of decayed wood that became fossilized over time through extreme pressure. It is also called lignite, which is the lowest grade of coal. Jet is considered a mineraloid because of its organic origin and lack of crystalline structure.

The metaphysical qualities of jet provide overall protection, grounding, purification, and nurturing. It absorbs negative energies and activates magical powers. It is also helpful in balancing mood swings and helping one take control of their own life. Jet is used to ease the pain of arthritis, stomach pains, bronchitis, colds, migraines, epilepsy, and depression.

The Zuni people believe that there are guardians for each of the six directions. There are two sets of guardians, one for hunting and one for healing. In both the healing and the hunting sets, the powerful Mountain Lion guards the Northern direction. The most powerful hunter amongst the guardians, it represents perseverance, intuition, and resourcefulness. The Mountain Lion is endowed with peculiar powers of sight and smell. He is the older brother of the bear and represents leadership, cunning, clarity, independence, spiritual intensity, fierce protectiveness, and loyalty. Fetishes depicting the Mountain Lion are often used by hunters to ensure a successful hunt or by travelers seeking protection on their journey. This fetish has an inlaid turquoise arrow in its body, called the heartline. To the Zuni, the heartline represents the breath as the life force of the animal. The heartline is depicted as an inlaid line in the shape of an arrow that begins at the mouth where breath gives life and points to the soul, or spirit, where faith and inner strength preside.

Kenric Laiwakete is a young Zuni fetish carver who is part of the noted Laiwakete family of Zuni Pueblo fetish carvers. Kenric’s father is Bernard Laiwakete and his uncle is Donovan Laiwakete. Kenric’s father and uncles, including Donovan, Rodney, and Tony all helped Kenric learn the trade of Zuni Fetish carving.
Box measures 4 1/2″ X 3 1/2″ X 3″ H  (without the fetish)


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