Zuni Bear Medicine Jar


This six ounce medicine jar’s lid has been capped in 26 gauge Sterling silver and is crowned with a genuine Zuni bear fetish carved from serpentine by Bernard Homer Jr.

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This six ounce medicine jar’s lid has been capped in 26 gauge Sterling silver and is crowned with a genuine Zuni bear fetish carved from serpentine by Bernard Homer Jr. (see below).

The name Serpentine refers to a group of predominantly green minerals that occur in masses of small inter-grown crystals. Some say this stone earned its name from the word “serpent” as its coloring resembles the skin of a snake. It was in the 19th century that people became aware of the fire resistant nature of
serpentine, and as a result it was utilized in many materials and fabrics. According to legend, Romans used this stone as protection against sorcery and the dark arts. Vessels were made of serpentine, as they were said to shatter if they came into contact with poison. Therefore, many ancients began using serpentine to
craft drinking vessels. It has a hardness of 2 to 5 on the Mohs scale, and can be white, yellow, green, gray, brown, black, or multicolored, with green and yellow being prevalent.

The metaphysical qualities of the stone serpentine can help one with remembering past lives, meditation, and spiritual exploration. It is also good for diabetes, hypoglycemia, and detoxing.

The Sterling silver on the lid serves to enhance the energies of the stones around it, while also strengthening the connection between the astral and physical planes.

To the Zuni, the bear represents immense healing and is a symbol of supreme power, strength, solitude, and introspection. The bear is one of the Zuni’s six main directional guardians, protecting the West. It is believed that the power of the Great Spirit breathes within bear. He is a champion in helping us overcome the
depression of the spirit that is often connected with the deep introspective cycle of change and growth. Bear reminds us that this type of isolation is actually a necessary state of hibernation. His wisdom reminds us that solitude is an immense power that we all, at times, need to focus on in order to connect to our inner
world. Bear teaches us how to go within and find the primal source that is essential for our survival. The Zuni regard the bear as invaluable when facing change, transition, and growth.

The fetish includes a medicine bundle tied to its back by animal sinew. These bundles are meant as a gift offering to the animal spirit. The bundles provide the animal spirit with energy, enhancing its powers and allowing its prayers to be heard more easily. The arrowhead pointing forward also defends it from obstacles in the future.

Placing your keepsakes, herbs, or medicine in the Native American Medicine jar infuses them with these powerful, timeless energies. Experience the power of Native American Medicine and own an amazingly unique fusion of art and ancient wisdom. Bernard Homer Jr. is the son of Bernard Homer Sr. (d.) and Alice Leekya (d.). Alice was the daughter of Leekya Deyuse (d.), one of the most famous Zuni fetish carvers of all
time. Bernard Sr. learned the art of Zuni fetish carving from Leekya Deyuse, and kept his carvings in the style of his father-in-law. Today, Bernard Homer Jr. and his sister, Juana Homer, keep their father’s and grandfather’s style of fetish carving alive.

Jar measures: 3 1/4″ tall x 2 1/2″ diameter (without fetish).


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