Zuni Double Horse Medicine Jar


This six ounce medicine jar’s lid has been capped in 26 gauge Sterling silver and is crowned with a genuine Zuni double horse fetish carved from Picasso marble & white marble by Lavies and Daisy Natewa.


This six ounce medicine jar’s lid has been capped in 26 gauge Sterling silver and is crowned with a genuine Zuni double horse fetish carved from Picasso marble & white marble by Lavies and Daisy Natewa (see below).

Picasso Marble is a type of marble found in Utah that has a geometric grid of black and tan crisscrossing lines that resemble an abstract painting. It is a type of metamorphosed limestone, which is a calcium magnesium carbonate mineral, with a hardness of 4.0 to 5.0 on the Mohs scale. The striking patterns are created by iron oxides that form as lines and veins, often resembling a beautiful painting.

The metaphysical qualities of Picasso marble are good for grounding, self-control, clarity, protection, and dream recall. It is used to aid mind expansion and to help manifest physical goals. It has also been used for weight loss and to assist the transformation of relationships.

Pure white marble comes from the metamorphism of a very pure limestone or dolomite. The word marble comes from the ancient Greek word marmaros, meaning crystalline rock or shining stone. It has a hardness of 3.0 – 5.0 on the Mohs scale.

Marble is used as a cleanser for the blood, skin and systems that help cleanse the body such as the lymphatic and digestive system.

Metaphysically this stone is beneficial for clarity during tantric activities and meditative states. It aids one in control of behavior and thoughts. It improves recall of dreams and provides protection and stability to the physical and emotional state.

The Sterling silver on the lid serves to enhance the energies of the stones around it, while also strengthening the connection between the astral and physical planes.

To the Zuni, horses represent partnerships, strength, power, swiftness, freedom, and independence. Horses also have innate healing powers and help us express our magical side. They carry us far and fast to bring us close to our instinctual and authentic nature, moving beyond our limitations. Horses are not a traditional animal of the Zuni, but they have been carving them for generations.

The fetish includes a medicine bundle tied to its back by animal sinew. These bundles are meant as a gift offering to the animal spirit. The bundles provide the animal spirit with energy, enhancing its powers and allowing its prayers to be heard more easily.

Placing your keepsakes, herbs, or medicine in the Native American Medicine jar infuses them with these powerful, timeless energies. Experience the power of Native American Medicine and own an amazingly unique fusion of art and ancient wisdom.

Lavies and Daisy Natewa , married, work together on their Zuni fetish carvings. Lavies Natewa is brother to Bobbie Natewa and cousin to Jedthro and Lordon Mahkee, and also to Merlin, Jonathan and Staley Natewa (d.) Daisy is the daughter of Virginia Toombs and sibling to Harriet Byers Martinez and Terry Aisetewa. Daisy and Lavies learned to carve from Daisy’s late mother-in-law, who came from the prolific Zuni carving family, the Quams.

Jar measures: 3 1/4″ tall x 2 1/2″ diameter (without fetish)

Design Concept and project coordination by Native American Medicine Company, headed by WB Freeman.

This medicine box was constructed by Sun Arc Jewelry Arts, with master craftsmanship by Pat McCartney, who has created distinctive jewelry and stonework for over 40 years, cutting her first stones at 13 years of age.

The fetish used by Native American Medicine Company was collected by Zuni Fetish Gallery, led by Dave Dozark, who has traded in Zuni fetishes for over 20 years.

Box construction materials provided by Bruce Barlow of Barlow’s Gems, a foremost purveyor of minerals and gemstones in the Southwest.

The double horse fetish was hand carved by Lavies & Daisy Natewa, tribespeople of the Shiwi people, residing in the pueblo of Zuni, in the northwest corner of New Mexico.


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