Zuni Wolf Fetish Box


This one of a kind silver and stone medicine box has been constructed of Wave Dolomite and 26 gauge Sterling silver. The lid is crowned by a genuine Zuni wolf fetish carved by Burt Awelagte (see below).


This one of a kind silver and stone medicine box has been constructed of Wave Dolomite and 26 gauge Sterling silver. The lid is crowned by a genuine Zuni wolf fetish carved by Burt Awelagte (see below).

Wave Dolomite is a beautifully patterned semi-precious stone, also known as Rolling Hills Dolomite or Desert Sandstorm. Dolomite is a sedimentary carbonate rock similar to calcite, with added magnesium. Dolomite is found all over the world and can be obtained as a pure mineral, or mixed with other minerals. It is named for the French mineralogist, Deodat de Dolomieu. It has a hardness of 3.5 to 4.0 on the Mohs scale.

The metaphysical qualities of dolomite can help in the relief of depression. It helps one detach from the drama around them. It also assists us in experiencing love, compassion, and appreciation. Physically, Dolomite has been used to help heal bones, teeth, muscles, and the female reproductive system.

The wolf fetish is hand carved from pipestone with turquoise inlaid eyes. Pipestone, also called Catlinite, is a kind of metamorphosed mudstone (argillite) that forms in a matrix of Sioux Quartzite. It can be found in the USA and Canada. The quarried pipestone is considered the second softest rock in the world. Pipestone is a red clay stone that is traditionally used for sacred Native American ceremonial pipes. It is smooth and soft to the touch while also being very easy to carve.

Pipestone has been used to bring relief to the lungs in particular, but it is also used for general healing purposes because the stone carries the power of the Great Spirit within. It can be useful for connecting with the roots of our spirit. It aids us with integrating our prayer, ritual, and ceremonial practices into our daily physical lives. It is used for meditation and beneficial for experiencing deep inner peace. It can help you connect with the ancient wisdom of Native Americans and is also a good stone to use for manifestation purposes.

To the Zuni, the wolf represents not just successful hunting, but also social consciousness that inspires working together for the good of the group. In Zuni teachings the wolf is one of the six directional fetishes, symbolizing the Guardian of the East. Wolf fetishes are often given to newlyweds in order to invoke the strong family bonds that wolves create. A pair of wolves is often carved together to symbolize mating for life. Wolf gives us inner guidance and clarity; helping us to become a teacher and a pathfinder.

The fetish includes a medicine bundle tied to its back by animal sinew. These bundles are meant as a gift offering to the animal spirit. The bundles provide the animal spirit with energy, enhancing its powers and allowing its prayers to be heard more easily. The arrowhead pointing backwards defends it from threats coming from behind.

The Sterling silver fusing the box also strengthens the connection between the astral and physical planes, while enhancing the energies of the stone it surrounds.
Place your herbs, keepsakes, or medicine in the Native American Medicine box to infuse them with these powerful, timeless energies. Experience the power of Native American Medicine and own an amazingly unique fusion of art and ancient power.

Burt Awelagte is a unique and creative Zuni carver who received training from his cousin, Joseph Quam and his uncle, Gibbs Othole. His family includes many cousins that are also impressive carvers. Burt carves bears, big horn sheep, wolves, and other animals in a style that he calls, “abstract and unique”. He likes to use striking stones such as ammonite, crawstone, dolomite, fossil jasper, turquoise, coral, and fluorite. His unique style is often combined with traditional arrowheads and medicine bundles attached to the fetish, creating a very recognizable style. When he is not carving, he works as a maintenance man for the Zuni school district. He lives in Zuni with his wife and four children. Burt blesses each fetish he carves.

Box measures: 4 5/8″ L x 3 3/4″ W x 3 3/8″ Tall (without fetish).


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